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Company News >> Ridong Technology's application of full nitrogen reflow soldering in Mini LED welding 19th,August,2022
                                             Mini LED refers to LED chips with a size between 50-200μm, which is the result of further refinement of small-pitch LEDs. Compared with traditional LED, Mini LED has higher resolution and excellent display effect. It has smaller particles, thinner screen, faster response speed and higher high temperature reliability. At the same time, it is more energy-efficient than traditional LEDs, and can be precisely dimmed without the problem of uneven LED backlighting. With the rapid development of Mini LED display technology, Mini LED has begun to be used in large-screen and high-definition display fields, such as monitoring and command, high-definition studio, advertising display, medical diagnosis, smart phones, automotive panels and other products.

However, there are still many challenges in practical application of Mini LED. The pad of MINI-LED is very small (about 100um), the amount of solder paste is also used less, and the chip is smaller. At the same time, most Mini LEDs adopt the integrated packaging (COB) method, which requires high stability and consistency during the operation process. Therefore, the most important thing in the Mini LED application process is to achieve stable and reliable welding of chips and substrates during the packaging process. one of the sections. There are usually thousands of chips and tens of thousands of solder joints on each Mini LED circuit board to connect the RGB three-color chips. Such a huge number of solder joints brings great difficulty to the packaging and soldering of the chip. Due to the small particle size of Mini LED pads, there are higher requirements for hot air/cooling air volume control, temperature uniformity, nitrogen protection, and oxygen content in the furnace for reflow soldering.

Ridong Technology Mini LED Reflow Soldering Equipment Solution:

Faced with these problems, Ridong Technology continued to research the Mini LED process, and used years of experience in welding technology and industry application experience to explore a full-process nitrogen-filled reflow soldering equipment that can meet the requirements of Mini LED welding.

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