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Company News >> OLED experts: the significance of 1.3-inch displays for VR 15th,June,2022
                                          In 2021, with the outbreak of the metaverse concept, VR mobile products (Quest 2) will exceed 10 million levels on the C-end, VR will return to the spotlight again, and usher in a turning point in the industry, entering the steady growth of Gartner's technology maturity curve. climb period.

From this year's Facebook Connect (renamed Meta), including the 6DoF game set released by Huawei recently, we also saw the iterative direction of the next generation of VR products - 6DoF short-focus VR glasses.

Meta showcased the new VR product Cambria to be released next year. From the product point of view, it adopts the Pancake folded optical path scheme, and has 6DoF tracking and positioning of the head and hand, which can realize the full-color See Through perspective function.

It is an irreversible trend for VR products to become thinner and lighter, and in the process of achieving thinner and lighter, it is inseparable from the support of the underlying technology and the upstream supply chain. The upgrade of the VR screen is to reduce the size, weight and function of the VR headset. Consumption and improving the experience are the top priorities.

At present, the core display solution of VR headsets basically adopts Fast-LCD, mainly due to its low price. In order to quickly bring VR products to the consumer market, cost reduction has almost become the common choice of all VR headset manufacturers. But everyone knows that Fast-LCD is a transitional solution for VR equipment at this stage, because it has a big gap with silicon-based OLED in terms of brightness, contrast, response time, power consumption, and volume.

On November 18, according to Korean media ETnews, Apple also announced that it is developing an XR device that includes an "OLEDoS display" (OLED on Silicon, silicon-based OLED), which once again demonstrates the future trend of silicon-based OLED. On this track, domestic companies are trying their best to catch up. Many domestic companies, including Yunguang, are building large-scale silicon-based OLED production lines.

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