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Company News >> Korean media: China is expected to surpass South Korea in the OLED and LCD markets 17th,Nov,2021
                                               Chinese display manufacturer BOE is expanding its partnership with Apple to increase its share in the OLED and LCD markets.

According to a Korean media businesskorea report, BOE began shipping 6.1-inch OLED panels for the iPhone 13 last month. After Apple has conducted some tests, shipments are expected to increase. Previously, the OLED panels BOE provided to Apple were limited to refurbished mobile phones. However, according to statistics, as many as 40% of Apple products will be equipped with BOE OLED panels, and the proportion of Samsung Electronics’ 6.1-inch OLED panels in the iPhone 13 may decline over time.

The report pointed out that Chinese LCD companies caught up with South Korean LCD companies as early as 2017, and the OLED market will usher in the same situation.

Market research agency DSCC revealed that LG Display and Samsung Display currently rank among the top two in the global OLED market, but their growth rate is slower than that of Chinese companies. Samsung Display and LG Display are expected to have an average annual growth rate of 12% and 19% in 2020-2025, respectively, while BOE and China Star Optoelectronics have forecasted values of up to 25% and 52%, respectively. "

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Skype: cassie_1191 2850818618