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Company News >> Audio and video experience comprehensive upgrade Xiaomi TV "Master" 65" OLED evaluation 3rd,July,2020
                                                 As a home entertainment center, current smart TV products are also increasingly focusing on the diversification of functions and the improvement of user experience. However, no matter how it is changed, "picture quality performance" is still the core demand of users for TV. With the current maturity of smart TV products in the technical level, more and more brands have joined the competition. Improving product quality and entering the large-screen high-end market has become the next development direction of many manufacturers. Faced with users For the demand for image quality, a good surface has become a necessary option. In view of the best performance experience provided by the use of OLED panels on the look and feel, Xiaomi recently launched such a flagship equipped with an OLED screen and joined the OLED TV camp The later Xiaomi also brought the products of the entire high-end large-screen market into the eyes of ordinary consumers.

Xiaomi TV "Master" 65" OLED relies on OLED display technology's unique "full pixel independent light control", "infinitely close to 0nit absolute black field", "millions of contrast" and other advantages, brought from the level of the hardware itself With a breakthrough in image quality improvement, combined with years of perfect software system experience in the TV field and the assistance of core hardware such as processors, this product has established a high-end benchmark positioning in the TV industry. From the LCD, quantum dot, and then When it comes to OLED, Xiaomi TV's requirements for display technology continue to increase, while introducing better products, it is also committed to bringing a better picture quality experience to consumers.


In terms of design style, the front of Xiaomi TV "Master" 65" OLED fuselage adopts a four-sided borderless comprehensive screen design, and the middle frame adopts a seamless and integrated design style. The entire screen is surrounded by no borders on the four sides, which makes the sense of unity stronger. The design also increases the screen ratio of the screen to 98.8%, and the integrated design makes the overall screen look and feel better. After using the OLED panel, the design of the backlightless module is used, and the thinnest part is only 4.6mm.

In terms of screen, Xiaomi TV "Master" 65" OLED adopts a 65-inch 4K OLED screen with a resolution of 3840x2160, a viewing angle of 178°, DCI-P3 98.5% wide color gamut coverage, combined with 120Hz refresh rate and 1ms ultra-low response time. With 82.9 million pixels, all pixels independently control light, and each pixel can be individually controlled to turn off and on, which can be infinitely close to the absolute black field of 0nit.

  Xiaomi TV "Master" 65" OLED base adopts "fantasy floating" glass base + breathing lamp design, the bracket is designed on the back of the entire TV, and the front looks in a floating style.

   The gradient black texture printed by the silk screen process of the base is printed with the Xiaomi logo and the characteristics of the TV. The gradient style gradually deepens from near to far, and there is a sense of extension in vision.

   The bracket on the back is made of metal, with the words designed by Xiaomi printed on it. Corresponding interfaces are reserved on the back of the entire TV. If you feel that the design of the entire base is not coordinated enough, you can also choose to install it directly on the wall.

Although the back of the fuselage cannot be seen in use, the back design of the Xiaomi TV "Master" 65" OLED is also very simple and highly integrated. The design of the interface is actually very learned. The most commonly used and most often plugged The USB2.0 and HDMI interfaces are all laid out on the side of the fuselage, which is convenient for users to play local movies and connect display input devices.

In terms of remote control, Xiaomi TV "Master" 65" OLED is equipped with Bluetooth voice metal remote control and also supports NFC function. The overall button layout and interaction logic used are very simple. The Bluetooth function also allows users to operate without precise pointing during use It greatly improves convenience. Different buttons use different partitions and have different concave and convex designs to achieve blind operation without regard. Of course, this remote control is currently standard on Xiaomi TV.

  OLED panel provides excellent display effect

The biggest feature of Xiaomi TV "Master" 65" OLED is the use of OLED screen, the resolution of 65-inch 4K OLED screen reaches 3840x2160, provides a viewing angle of 178°, and DCI-P3 98.5% wide color gamut coverage, provides Up to 120Hz screen refresh rate, 1ms ultra-low grayscale response time. With 82.9 million pixels, all pixels can be independently controlled, each pixel can be individually controlled to turn off and on, and black scenes can be displayed infinitely by turning off pixels Close to 0nit.

Xiaomi TV "Master" 65" OLED adopts True 10bit OLED screen panel, professional-grade color depth, supports 1.07 billion primary color display, accurately and delicately restores light and color in various scenes. The quality performance of this screen has reached the movie Industry color standards can be used for film and television creation, restoration of shooting scenes, and post-color calibration.

Rich color display and accurate restoration allow Xiaomi TV "Master" 65" OLED to achieve the color standard of professional monitors. Official data shows that the typical value of the color standard of this screen is Delta E of 1.5, compared with current high-end mobile phone products and some high-end The flagship OLED TV has a color standard value of around 2.1, and the color performance is better. Below we will look at the actual performance of this panel through the actual test chart of 4K TV.

   This test will be carried out by the test tool "4K resolution test chart", which is based on the principle of TV picture quality display and provides a full range of customization for 4K TVs. The test chart tests the TV picture from the definition and color accuracy. The test picture has red and blue arrows, blue is 1080P, and red is 4K.

   You can see in the picture that all four lines of Chinese characters and letters in the picture can be clearly recognized and displayed. There is no obvious loss of text details in the small letters, and they can all be recognized and distinguished normally.

   Then this is a color image test. Observe the color distribution diagram and color sphere diagram where the screen shot resides. It can be seen that the color saturation of the test result is better, and there is no situation of step skipping or parallel stepping. The overall color of the color ball graph is also very uniform and soft. There is no problem with color cast when viewed from the side.

   Gray scale test. The gray scale represents the gradation level with different brightness from the darkest to the brightest. The more intermediate levels, the finer the picture effect that can be presented. It can be seen that there are many levels of transition from dark to light. Xiaomi TV "Master" 65" OLED can distinguish the difference between different gray levels from dark to light. There is no light leakage in the display in the all black area environment, the screen There is no uneven brightness between the edges and the inside.

As a necessary MEMC dynamic compensation function in mid-to-high-end TVs, it is also used in this Xiaomi TV "Master" 65" OLED. It uses hardware algorithms to estimate the motion trajectory of objects and inserts new ones in the original picture sequence. Motion-compensated frames make the motion picture look clearer and smoother, which is better than the effect of playing at normal frame rate. Xiaomi TV "Master" 65" OLED provides high, medium and low multi-adjustable MEMC effects, up to 120Hz MEMC compensation, Greatly improve the clarity of the dynamic picture and reduce the smear caused by the picture. After opening, the look and feel of watching sports will become smoother.

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